Should You Maintain the Metal Roof or Replace the Metal Roof ?

Is roof replacement a better option than maintaining it when the roof’s watertight integrity – its primary function – fails?

On an average, metal roofs will fail after 7/8 years. This is the time to replace them with Greencor Roofs which have a life of 40 years.

Think about how roof leaks can affect the bottom line:

Interior damage : To ceiling tiles, carpet, computers, machinery - that could cost a lot to replace.

Production downtime : Shutting a line down for a day could cost a lot in lost productivity.

Lost business : Leaky roof in a star hotel can make the priciest rooms unavailable for guests.

Water penetration causes irreparable damage to roof system components, including insulation and the roof deck itself.

The roof contributes on an average, 5% to the construction cost of a building.

The True Price Of High Performance

Contrary to popular wisdom, when it comes to the building and construction industry, profitability and sustainability go hand-in-hand. In fact, if a new building component doesn’t contribute to business profitability, it is not sustainable.

Sustainability is good business sense first – Greencor comes with it.


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